About Us

The company Fratelli Barbini was founded in 1962 by the initiative of three brothers who decided to give way to a real family business , inspiring their action to respect the history and tradition of Venetian glass .

Nowadays , Fratelli Barbini is synonymous with seriousness and professionalism , but above all the acceptance and love for the craft of glass making : it is all possible thanks to the wonderful atmosphere that Mr. Guido Barbini manages to keep alive inside the shop .

Joining the team Fratelli Barbini means feel the unique feeling of home and family that inspired the birth of the company

Fratelli Barbini Riprosuzione 1800


For the company Fratelli Barbini , playback of the mirrors 1800 is a real self-education , a learning, aimed at understanding the technique of the first Murano masters .



During the 800 , following the conquest of Venice by Napoleon , the city of Murano was affected by these upheavals , so that the same glass production underwent an abrupt halt .

Because of this many Murano masters they were forced to cultivate their art in other European countries : the most popular destination was especially France



The austrian and French domination on italian soil is , for the ‘ art of glass , the resumption of production of Murano . The city is preparing an offer Abandon All productions , presenting the frames in Murano glass , characterized by curls , leaves and flowers According to the ancient tradition .

Specchi originali Fratelli Barbini


The company Fratelli Barbini has as its objective the creation of works vetraie hybrid , characterized by various styles , which still smell of ancient tradition . The models proposed by the Fratelli Barbini are made by a process of manual production limited, non- industrial .


The shelves, tools and machinery company Fratelli Barbini not breathe only air technology and modernity, but also manual skills, craftsmanship and artistic creation. 
These are the unmistakable characteristics of the product made in Italy: each mirror Fratelli Barbini is a masterpiece of tradition, precision and uniqueness. 
The techniques of glass processing, used inside the shop Fratelli Barbini, bind together the avant-garde and tradition, customizing the finished product according to customer requirements. All mirrors Fratelli Barbini follow a process of clearly accurate, that ranges from concept to design to the finished work: all the stages of manufacture of the mirrors are characterized by the brand Fratelli Barbini, rich in history, values ​​and knowledge , capable of transforming each simple mirror in a real item of furniture in glass. 
At the base of each mirror it is always an unprecedented idea, so much craftsmanship and excellent raw materials. The company Fratelli Barbini is minimized automation, so that the glass artists from exploiting the techniques of the past, trying to fit into each incision and processing all the emotions that arise from a mirror handmade. The professionalism and skill of the company Fratelli Barbini, crosses national borders to be known around the world. The high quality of the glass masters Fratelli Barbini, earned the company the cooperation with world-renowned artists. 
They appreciated the opportunity to develop their creativity in a magical place, in which the mirrors reflect what wonderful company Fratelli Barbini possesses: love and delight for the Italian glassmaking tradition, attention to detail because mainly made with heart.